Man Drives Out Of Town To Search For Missing Girl

I believe it’s in anyone’s nature to be kind — even when it means putting others first. Among our everyday heroes is Clayton Cook, who, on his wedding day, dove into a river to save a drowning boy. (It’s safe to say he was overdressed for the occasion) Alongside him is Kimberly Gager, who gave up her entire coupon collection to donate supplies to hurricane victims. And as if people hadn’t impressed me enough, Cullman resident Eric Gilbreath drove 2 hours out of town to rescue a missing child.

“Your heart just falls out on the floor. My first thought was helping getting out there and looking. I wasn’t going to give up,” Gilbreath explained.

The toddler, 3-year-old Serenity Dawn Sanders, shares a mother with Gilbreath’s son. Despite the presence of a search party, Gilbreath was the first to spot Serenity in the woods of Dekalb County.

“I just walked the ridge top, walked halfway down the ridge and walked the bottom of the ridge and went to the next one,” Gilbreath said.

Serenity was accompanied by her dog. Just as any father would, Gilbreath reminded the unfazed child not to wander without her mother. That’s at least 10 dad points to Gilbreath!

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Old Man Walks Miles Searching Kidney Donor For Wife

Putting a family member before yourself is often a no-brainer. Mary Jane Fields prioritized her cancer-stricken sister by undergoing a risky skin transplant. Preteen Jacee Dellapena delivered her own baby brother. 74-year-old Wayne Winters kicked off a compassionate autumn season by walking miles every day in search of a kidney donor for his wife.

“She’s on dialysis and she doesn’t like it, it’s horrible,” Winters [said]. “This is the worst I’ve ever seen her. She don’t look good.”

The determined senior wears a sandwich sign advertising wife Deanne’s blood type and his contact number. Even more inspiring is what the rear sign reads: “1,000 kidneys needed in Utah and Idaho.” Several offers have since come through, but the wait is far from over. Yet, Deanne remains positive.

Deanne says she has “hope and faith” that a kidney match will be found somehow. “I have a lot of living left to do,”

Winters has vowed to find a donor for as long as it takes and continue to raise awareness even afterward. That’s true love right there — and it goes beyond blood.

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Hikers Rescue Labrador Stranded For 4 Days

Dogs make great athletic companions — they can hunt, run, swim, and jump hurdles. But adventure comes with a risk and sometimes the consequences are dire. Rescuing doesn’t always come on time and, in some instances, has taken up to three years. For this lucky Labrador stranded in the Chilliwack mountains for four days, casual hikers took no time to save him.

Amanda McGregor’s chocolate lab Louie is now recovering from a mountain adventure that brought together dozens of people in the local hiking community.

It began when McGregor’s stepdaughter Janessa picked Louie up at 6 a.m… for an overnight trek to Radium Lake.

But when 2 p.m. came on Sunday and Janessa and Louie weren’t back, Amanda started to worry.

Because Janessa was not directly in danger’s way, the police could not respond. McGregor then did what anyone in this day and age would’ve done — she turned to social media.

There was almost too much of a response with dozens of commenters making suggestions, offering equipment and to come out and help.

When the rescuers got to Louie… the dog wasn’t moving much and wouldn’t walk at all.

Within a few hours, Louie was whisked away to an animal hospital. Within a day, FaceBook users raised over $500 for the pup’s recovery.

“In this day and age, to know that humans are out there that do this. This is such a positive story about people.”

Trust me, we agree.

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Dog Returns Home After Being Lost For 9 Months

When a dog goes missing, it’s inevitable to lose hope after a certain period of time. However, retriever Mo refused to give up on her family and reunited with them after 9 long months.

Darwin and Cindy Cameron stayed near the tiny hamlet of Horseshoe Bend… for three months looking for Mo. But deep snow and harsh conditions eventually made the search impossible.

Dog rescuer Cheri Glankler took in a starving retriever that had collapsed at a nearby ranch last month. Based on the dog’s initial disheveled appearance, it was clear that she had been living on her own in the wild.

Despite dozens of false sightings, Mo’s owners didn’t hesitate to rush down to the station. Mo had lost half her body weight in the wild.

“Who saved Mo? Mo saved Mo,” Glankler said. “Even here when I would take her out on a lead, she was searching. She knew who she was looking for. She’s incredible.”

I suppose dogs are man’s best friend for a reason–they never give up on their families.

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