Plant Pods Grow More Lettuce Than a 1/2 Acre Farm

I always encourage my friends to grow their own produce, not only to save up on their budget for grocery, but also to find healthier options and maybe even to develop a new hobby. I even wrote some tips for all of you who are interested in doing the same. Luckily, devices like this automated indoor system called OGarden are helping more people achieve their home gardening goals. And I’m happy to update your available choices with Aggressively Organic’s lettuce pods.

The Indiana-based company offers Micro Growth Chamber Systems that can grow more lettuce in a 10-by-10-foot room than an organic farm can grow on a half-acre. The systems use less water, too — a typical Aggressively Organic plant only requires watering once every few weeks.

The global situation of food production is currently not at its best form. In fact, it has to increase by 50% by the year 2050, so that all the people in the world may be sufficiently fed. Aggressively Organic’s answer to the world hunger problem is to inspire people to produce their own food, hence the innovation of the lettuce plant pods.

Whether you want to grow your own garden in your office or apartment, and whether you are an experienced or inexperienced gardener, their plant pods seek to make the process more convenient for you.

Aggressively Organic’s systems . . . [consist] of a foldable cardboard chamber, a liner, a coconut coir disc in which seeds are planted, reusable net cups to hold the plant, and a nutrient solution. There’s no electricity required . . . The system is extremely water efficient — it takes 25 gallons of water to grow a head of lettuce in the ground, but Aggressively Organic can produce the same amount of lettuce with 16 ounces of H2O.

I’m sure more home gardening innovations are in store for us in the next few years. While I wait for the next automated home gardening device or the next amazingly efficient lettuce plant pods, let me just enjoy this delish salad for dinner.

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Grow A Farm With This Home Gardening System

Backyard gardening is nothing new. It’s a traditional practice that allows for more accessible produce. However, it can be hassle-prone and demand a lot for what it yields. This home gardening system is making all the difference. Ogarden is a rotating indoor device that anyone can use to grow up to 100 herbs and vegetables a month.

Ogarden is a soundless, odorless growing system… designed for any home environment and it comes with its own storage space inside the unit, making it an attractive garden space with little-to-no clutter.

The system comes with a small bag of organic soil, and owners can choose from a catalogue of seedlings including lettuces, basil, brocolette, onions, cabbage, chives, etc.

Pretty simple, huh? To begin your gardening venture, simply plant the seeds in the soil and place them in the storage shelf. When they sprout, transfer them into the growing tubes. At this point, you’ve pretty much done your job. The device takes care of the rest, rotating around a central lamp.

The greenery should be watered once to twice a week and – voilà – a variety of organic, home-grown veggies right at your fingertips.

Now that’s gardening at its best.

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