Woman With Extra Cone Cell Can See More Colors

While we’ve been off creating synthetic retinas and talking cameras for the blind, this woman’s vision is far from lacking. The UK native has an extra cone cell, which means she can see far more colors than a typical person can.

According to estimates… she can see an incredible 99 million more colors than the rest of us, and the scientists think she’s just one of a number of people with super-vision, which they call “tetrachromats”, living amongst us.

Most people are trichromats, able to distinguish around 1 million colors. Mammals and sufferers of color blindness are dichromats with only two cone cells. The apparent reason researchers have only discovered a single true tetrachromat is because people with this special vision would never need to use their fourth cone cell.

“Most of the things that we see as colored are manufactured by people who are trying to make colors that work for trichromats. It could be that our whole world is tuned to the world of the trichromat.”

In short, our world of colors is just too primitive for tetrachromats. We may ever know what things look like through the eyes of one, but it will allow for better seeing aids.

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