Blind Brothers Rise To Top As Eagle Scouts

Some people refuse to let their hindrances get the best of them. Figures like Joseph Hale, a child model with Down’s syndrome, are replacing “normal” with “unique.” Now, blind triplets Nick, Leo, and Steven Cantos have done the same, earning ranks as Eagle Scouts. And it’s all thanks to their adoptive father.

“Having the boys in my life has been nothing short of a series of miracles day after day after day from the very day that they came into my life,” [said Ollie Cantos]. “Life has just never been the same.”

Dad Ollie, also blind, adopted the talented threesome when they were eleven-years-old. In teaching his boys to navigate through daily life, Ollie encouraged them to sign up as Boy Scouts. Without special considerations, each sibling earned 21 merit badges.

“I’ve always seen myself as the person who just happens to be blind. For me, I just happen to have a disability. It’s not the defining factor of my life. I made it the same way as other Eagle Scouts,” Steven Cantos said. “Everyone has difficulties in their lives. We all have trials. That’s how life is.”

Blind, deaf, mute, or what-have-you, clearly, anything is possible. All it takes is a push.

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This Talking Camera Is For The Blind

Are you hard-of-hearing and in need of an aid? Do you have trouble walking and are seeking a sturdy wheelchair? Looks like you’re going to have to break the bank. Because most devices for the disabled don’t come cheap, Microsoft has come up with a solution. Seeing AI is a free app for the blind that works like a “talking camera.”

Fire up the free app and point your iPhone at anything, whether it’s a document, a menu card, a room or even a friend, and Seeing AI will tell you what it is with its voice.

Seeing AI is also supposed to be able to identify currency notes and products by barcode.

The app has proven to be impressively accurate, describing objects with great detail. It can even read books!

Microsoft hopes that this will make life a little bit easier for those with visual impairments. It… is one of several new initiatives driven by the company’s interest in exploring the possibilities that artificial intelligence can open up.

Seeing AI is evidence that help can exist where help is needed–affordably or for free.

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