New App Helps Restaurants Donate Excess Food For Needy

Ever forgotten about a bag of leftovers and had to toss them in the trash? If you have, don’t fret–I’ve done it too. Restaurants are notorious for tossing out billions of pounds of what is considered ‘food waste’, which are usually still safe for consumption. This waste is disposed of in landfills and contributes to the worldwide issue of pollution. The geniuses behind start-up app MealTech have found a way not only to save food, but give back to the needy American community.

The platform acts as a dashboard to manage the flow of excess food in the communities around Feeding America’s 200 food banks… MealConnect allows business donors… to create a free account, where they can upload information about excess food they have to donate, and select a date and time they’d like it to be picked up.

MealConnect is efficient and accessible, especially to those who have no proper disposal procedures.

The whole point of MealConnect is that those smaller, easier-to-manage donations can bypass the food bank process entirely and just get straight to where they’ll do the most good.

The nonprofit currently saves around 2.8 billion pounds of food each year and has stated that its goal is to end food insecurity by 2025.

While the app is designed as a business-to-business platform, individuals can easily contribute by recycling at home.


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