Store Makes Giant Food Donation After Fridge Malfunction

In 2017, more markets and universities donated leftover food to charities than ever before. Just a week ago, Trader Joe’s did the same — but for, well, unexpected reasons. A refrigerator malfunction put 35,000 pounds of food at risk, and where better to end up than a local shelter?

“Everything that we deem is able to be consumed safely we donate to our neighbors and we’re really happy to participate in helping the community in that way,” [store captain Daniel] Sorscher said.

To clear shelves, the grocery giant also donates surplus on the daily. The Kalamazoo Gospel Mission, which runs mostly on donations, was the lucky recipient. Wanting to pay it forward, the group forwarded 4,000 pounds of goodies to a food bank.

“They just really exemplified a culture of generosity and we’re just so thankful for them,” [director of Food Service Greg] Weaver said.

Though the icy mishap was a letdown for sales, its twist ending was a pleasant surprise.

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