Young Boy With Down’s Syndrome Now A Model

In an increasingly progressive society, unique is the new normal. Transgender men are now also mothers, and celebrity children like Shiloh Jolie-Pitt are becoming gender fluid. Another young game-changer is 11-year-old Joseph Hale, a model with Down’s syndrome.

“For Joseph to be included is a real positive thing and we are so proud of him. It shows there is much more to his personality and hopefully this will be seen by other parents and children who realize his disability does not define him.” [said Mrs. Hale.]

Hale is one of eight kids on board with the River Island Kids Squad. The Batman enthusiast also suffers from dyspraxia and global development delay, proving that he, too, is a superhero.

“It shows what they can do and there isn’t a label there. People need to realize that these children are just like anyone else, and with the right support, they can achieve great things.”

The youngster, now up for a video campaign, says he is thrilled about his online fame. Selfies may capture his cherub-like features, but only his message can do justice to all children who feel different.

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