We're doing airdrops of EMINENT (EMN) tokens for each registrant for a limited time. Claim yours now.


  1. Earn 10 EMINENT Tokens by joining the official EMINENT Telegram Group and remain there until 2 weeks after the EMINENT ICO is over.
  2. Your EMINENT tokens will be airdropped to your ETH Wallet 2 months after the end of the EMINENT ICO.
  3. You will be able to enter your ETH Wallet and other details once you've joined the official EMINENT Telegram Group.
  4. You will lose all EMINENT tokens earned if you spam others or try to earn them through fradulent means.

By clicking on the button below now to start the EMINENT token airdrop process, you agree to the above terms of this airdrop campaign.

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