What Problems Does BeepBeep Nation Solve?

BeepBeep Nation app is “The Mother Of All Apps“.

It can do what many other proven apps can do – but it can do them cheaper, or free, or better.

BeepBeep Nation, fuelled by the EMINENT token, does what other proven apps do in one single, convenient app that can also be a good alternative to all of them.

This is possible because we have created the “Location Beep” concept that comprises the following components that all combine beautifully to not only provide you with the help you need when you need it, but also make the world a better place:

  1. Location
    You’ll send a beep to a location you specify. It’s usually where you currently are. You can then use your location to ask for help in the form of a ride, or perhaps to let you know if anyone is coming out of a parking spot for you to take over, or for any type of help you can think of.

    However, you can also specify a location you’re not in, like a city in another country. This is useful if you’re planning to be in that city soon where you may need a local to help show you around like a tour guide, or to provide you with a place to stay, or to update you with information in that location, among many other possibilities.

  2. Real People
    The respondents to your beep for help will be real people as you’ll need to meet up with the potential helpers. This not only makes the BeepBeep Nation app a true social app as it requires effort from both parties to meet up to resolve a problem, it also means you’ll be making new friends every time, thus broadening your network quickly and easily.

  3. Dynamic Beep Network Of Helpers
    BeepBeep Nation does not work on the “friends”, “followers” or “connections” principle. There’s no need for you to ask anyone to be your friend, have them follow you, or indicate your connections with them. Everyone with the BeepBeep Nation app installed on their smartphones is in your Network of Helpers, if they’re within a 1-5 mile radius of the location you’re in, or in the location you’ve specified.

    This means that your Dynamic Beep Network Of Helpers (DBN)┬ácan be different people, depending on the location you specify, at the time you’re beeping for help. Your DBN will provide you with lots of value in ways not possible before the BeepBeep Nation app is created.

  4. Help
    You’ll be rendered the help you need by real people, who you meet on a face-to-face basis. The help provided can also be free to the requestor, which is something other service apps can’t provide, since you’re getting help from people wanting to help you, not from service providers who provide their service only in return for monetary compensation, in the amount set by them.

  5. Accuracy
    If you’re beeping for information (which doesn’t require a meet up), like “which is the best sushi restaurant in New York?”, you’ll get accurate results because they’re provided to you by real people located in New York at the time you’re sending your beep. They’re not historical like those served by search engines or review sites. You can tally up the real-time responses by real people in the area to see how many of them recommend the same places, for an idea of whether their responses are reliable.

    However, you can beep a question to the same location at different times and get different, but still accurate, responses. As an example – eg. “Is the Starbucks at Madison Avenue open now?”. Depending on the time of the day and/or day of the week, both a yes or no answer can still be the right response to the same question, and they can be different from search engine results since the latter provides historical answers compiled by computers, whereas BeepBeep Nation provides real-time, on-the-spot responses by real people who can verify for you whether that Starbucks outlet is actually open now, or is still under renovation as it has been for weeks, or has closed due to a fire recently.

There are more, but the above should get you thinking about how the BeepBeep Nation app can provide you with help and accurate information no other app can provide in one single place.

The EMINENT (EMN) token is created for BeepBeep Nation users to use to send out beeps within the BeepBeep Nation app. In other words, the EMN token fuels the BeepBeep Nation app. In addition, EMN can also be used for the requestor to pay his helper a Gratitude Tip, if the requestor has offered it, thus eliminating the need for the requestor to carry cash with him.

Sen Ze