What Motivates Someone To Help You For Free?

The BeepBeep Nation mobile app provides a platform for people (called requestors) to send out requests that tend to vary in nature and other people (called helpers) to respond to their needs. Once the task is done, a requestor may give a helper a Gratitude Tip, though the former is not really obligated to do so. Conversely, even if a Gratitude Tip is offered, the helper is also not compelled to accept it.

If you’re interested but cannot fully grasp the concept of the BeepBeep Nation helping economy, perhaps it’s because you are lingering around this question: Gratitude Tips aside, what’s in it for the helper? Why would a person help another without a guaranteed reward?

Here are some possible reasons:

1. First, the helper is already going to spend the same time and effort to carry out his own errands and—in the process—ends up doing what a requestor wants as well. The helper may be driving the same route as the requestor who asked for a ride anyway. Having an additional passenger in his car isn’t going to cost him anything—and he has somebody to talk to along the way. Maybe being stuck in traffic won’t have to be such a bad experience.

2. The helper benefits in some way from helping the requestor. A simple example is when the freeway requires two people in a car before it could go on the fast lane. If the helper helps the requestor who is going the same route, he can get onto the fast lane and reach their mutual destination much quicker, thus saving him time and gas. A true win-win situation.

3. Even if the helper’s current task isn’t exactly the same as the request, it may not take much time and effort to provide the help. Certain help takes only a few minutes to do, if at all! For example, the helper who lives near the requestor is already shopping at a store that the latter needs something from. Picking up the item and then dropping it off at the requestor’s house on the helper’s way back to his own house near the requestor’s shouldn’t be too hard, right?

4. As a sort of long-term benefit, maybe the helper can make new business contacts. Networking with other people is a given for business owners. In fact, some of our best contacts are those we meet outside of our own circles. Smart helpers are aware of this opportunity: helping a person who may be good for his business sometime in the future is worth more than whatever little time and effort he puts in now.

5. Aside from networking for business reasons, the helper can make new friends. Helping an unfamiliar person is an exciting way to broaden one’s peer circle. We are naturally social creatures, and social media has created a world of digital social humans. Interestingly enough, through digital means, BeepBeep Nation can make us physically social again—probably even more than before. Experiencing a new level of human interaction will be so good for our wellbeing.

6. Maybe the helper just wants to do something good. There are many people who want to help others, perhaps for spiritual or religious reasons. Sometimes, these people don’t get requests because their friends don’t think they can help, or they’re not an obvious choice. Other times, they get requests they’re not really fit for. BeepBeep Nation solves this problem, as helpers can choose which requestor they can offer their help to. This is one inspiring, self-fulfilling benefit!

7. There are also times that the helper will do it for the Gratitude Tips. He might be in between jobs. He might have been retrenched recently. He might not qualify to be a driver of ride-sharing services because his car is an old model, or he might not have a home with rooms he can rent out for a fee. And so on. Until these people are back on their feet, BeepBeep Nation can provide them with a way to earn some tips in helping others. Truly connecting with another person seems like such a feel-good solution to one’s own needs, doesn’t it?

As you can see, there are many reasons why a helper would offer to help another for free. You’ve done exactly that at various times in your life. BeepBeep Nation enables you to make it a more regular occurrence with very little extra effort.

And with everyone doing it more often with just a little individual effort, the sum of all those little efforts will surely result in a much better world for everyone.

This is the ultimate goal of BeepBeep Nation – and I invite you to be a part of it in ways that are meaningful to both the requestor and you.

Sen Ze