BeepBeep Nation App: Safety First

In an app where help can be provided by people near you who are not necessarily people you know (much like Uber drivers are not necessarily people you know), it’s of utmost importance that you’re as safe as possible.

BeepBeep Nation is a community app, fuelled by the EMINENT token. Each member of the community will be doing his part to ensure that requestors and helpers using the app are real people (not bots). It also comes with a rating system built in that is used to provide more information about any particular user from other users’ interactions with them in the past.

The “Beep Rank” is a green bar below a user’s profile name. The wider the bar, the more thumbs up ratings a user has from many more people that he has helped recently, among other factors.

A Beep Rank ranges from 0 (no rating) to 10 (best rating). The higher the score, the more reliable/helpful the user is, based on the above factors. For certain types of help like getting a ride, place to stay or tour guide where you’re meeting up in person, the Beep Rank can assist you in making a decision on who to accept help from, or offer help to.

Another tool you can use is the Chat function. Simply chat with the person once you’ve accepted his offer to help with a single tap of the Chat button, and before you’ve made your way to him or he has made his way to you. If the chat isn’t going in the direction you want, simply cancel the help offer and you don’t have to meet up with him.

You can also ask to take a “wefie” (basically a selfie with more than just you in the photo – we call it a “beepie”) with the requestor or helper when you do meet up. Ask them for permission to do so. If they agree, simply snap a photo of the 2 of you in the same frame, and upload it to both your profile and his in the BeepBeep Nation app. This way there will be records of which user has helped another user that can be seen in each user’s profile. If he does not agree to take a beepie with you, you may want to consider not going ahead with the request for help either as the requestor or the helper.

There are other ways that can be used to increase the safety of users of the BeepBeep Nation app, and more ways will be included as we progress.

Sen Ze