Can You Help Me Please?

People are generally helpful in nature.

If someone comes up to you and asks for directions, you’ll do what you can to help him. Or if a blind person is standing next to you and asks for your help to assist him in crossing the road, you’ll be happy to oblige.

We help others without hesitation because it’s our nature, because we can, and because we feel good doing so.

Those aren’t the only reasons, however, as our motivations in helping others are many.

But here’s the problem.

We’re not nearly as helpful as we can be, or would like to be.

It’s not our fault though. There really isn’t an efficient way for people to help each other on a regular basis.

Think about it – how often have you been asked to help someone in a single day? By “help” I mean real help, not a service you’re providing as part of your job.

If everyone could help people around him regularly with a little time and effort on his part each time, our lives would certainly be richer and more meaningful.

To this end, we’ve spent the past 3 years creating the BeepBeep Nation mobile app that enables the asking for and giving of help as efficient and effective as possible.

If you need help, you’ll simply use the app to send out a request for help via a “beep”.

You’ll choose a location to send your beep to.  Other users within a 1 – 5 mile radius of the location will be able to receive your beep for help. They can then choose to offer to help you out.

If they do, you can then choose your helper from among those who responded to you.

This decentralization in the sending of requests and help offers between both requestors and helpers not only provides them the freedom to choose each other, but also encourages them to be be good to each other for them to maximise their chances of having their requests answered (in the case of the requestor), and having their offer for help accepted (in the case of the helper).

The end result is that with the BeepBeep Nation app, quick help for anyone in need is just a beep away,  which then makes the world a much better place.

The BeepBeep Nation app is fuelled by the EMINENT (EMN) token, or with beep credits.

EMN or beep credits will be used by users to send out a beep, and in a few other ways that will enhance the app’s usefulness to its users significantly.

Sen Ze