How The World’s 1% Can Help The Poor

You can always count on the occasional “J.K. Rowling Once Again Donates Half Her Fortune To Charity” to restore your faith in humanity. In fact, much of UNICEF and Red Cross’ funding comes from the likes of celebrities such as Taylor Swift. However, shelling over a sizable check doesn’t always equate to positive impact. Charities such as the Giving Pledge encourage millionaires to be more involved in giving back.

People with money to donate must choose carefully if they want their giving to be cost-effective.

Joining the Giving Pledge does not require an individual to support any particular causes or organizations, but instead “encourages signatories to find their own unique ways to give that inspire them personally and benefit society.”

Because the rich and famous rely firstly on monetary donations, the Giving Pledge works to ensure cost-effectiveness. After all, celebrities don’t always have the time.

Those signing up to… an “Effective Giving Pledge” would publicly commit to giving away half their wealth to whichever organizations they believe would “most effectively use it to improve the lives of others, now and in the years to come.”

Just as the Giving Pledge has successfully inspired many of the wealthiest people to give bigger, an Effective Giving Pledge would help inspire them to give better.

Helping millions of people is good, but helping billions is much better.

It is not simply the responsibility of the 1% to donate, but to do so effectively and with a passion for change.

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