Walk Smart On These Power-Generating Streets

Society is becoming increasingly more sustainable each year, which means there are always new (and interesting!) methods of saving and producing energy. Most recently, Pavegen has heralded the world’s first energy-harvesting smart street, an innovation that could easily shake up the nation.

Pavegen installed a 107-square-foot array in Bird Street to harness and convert the power of footsteps into electricity, which will supply energy for lights and bird sounds in the area. Bluetooth Low-Energy transmitters are also part of this array, so that users can interact with the array via apps. People can see their steps on the energy-harvesting pavement translate into discounts, vouchers, and clean electricity.

The technology’s interactive feature will surely have shoppers making rounds on Bird Street.

Pavegen CEO Laurence Kemball-Cook said in a statement, “Being able to demonstrate how our technology can bring to life the retail shopping experience is a vital step for us. As retailers compete with online, technologies like ours make being in the busy high street more exciting and rewarding for people and brands alike.”

Bird Street also fashions Airlite air-purifying paint, making it one of the U.K.’s most trendy and sustainable avenues.

Technology never fails to amaze me.

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