U.K. Introduces Vending Machine For Needy

To alleviate the extreme hardships of those beneath the poverty line, volunteer groups have been acting in any way they can. From donating toiletries to providing temporary homes, the spectrum of helping is limitless. To serve as a quick fix for the homeless, Nottingham is installing a 24-hour “free purchase” vending machine filled with goods.

Stocked with items such as fresh fruit, sanitary towels, socks, energy bars and sandwiches, the dispenser will be located outside the Broadmarsh shopping centre.

To ensure users are able to acquire their fair share of supplies, Action Hunger will hand out traceable key cards. About 100 homeless citizens can procure up to three items of any kind per day. Outreach center The Friary will be in charge of distributing the key cards.

“We will be prioritising rough sleepers,” said Friary CEO Sam Crawford. “Not everyone who visits us is a rough sleeper, some are homeless in other ways such as those in temporary accommodation, so that would be who we would prioritise.”

While offering a hand to anyone in need is Action Hunger’s ultimate goal, donations provide only 50% of machine stocks. Still, Nottingham residents are welcoming of the new arrival, which may hit U.S. cities next year. Now that’s a jackpot!

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