Tripod Dogs Can Now Get Prosthetics

From learning sign language to aiding baby cheetahs, I think it’s safe to say dogs make the world a better place. (Not to mention cuter) But some dogs need our help, too. With the amount of dogs needing prosthetics at a high, animal medical centers are doing what they can. OrthoPets in Colorado is now the biggest prostheses manufacturer for tripod dogs.

“We have about 20 different devices that we can fabricate,” said OrthoPets founder Amy Kaufmann. The procedure is multi-step and involves advanced computer scanning and 3D printing.

OrthoPets has worked on more than 13,000 animals from 35 different countries since 2003. And not just dogs; peacocks and llamas are among the animals they’ve built devices for.

While the devices don’t come cheap (they start at around $1,500) owners claim they are worth it.

“Clients are treating their pets as they would their child, and when they learn that they can do something to help their pet in the same way they would for their child, they choose to do it for their dog as well.”

Who says a dog isn’t a real baby?

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