Traffic Generates Energy Using Genius Device

2017 is proving to be the star year of renewable energy. From air-purifying bicycles to power-generating streets, it seems there is much hope for sustainable lifestyle options. Even millennials are taking part in the fight against climate change, and eighth-grader Laalitya Acharya is no exception. The thirteen-year-old recently created a device that allows traffic to generate clean energy.

Acharya started researching cheap, easily renewable resources of energy, and came across a device she calls a piezo. When stress is applied to a piezo, it generates electricity… She designed TraffEnerate to obtain power when cars drive over the devices.

Acharya, of course, had to ensure that the device would work. She designed a robot that would imitate the motion of vehicles in order to test her prototype. That’s what I call thorough.

“I wanted to change the world, that simple. On my family’s yearly trip to India, I saw children who have no power in their homes, huddling near dangerous fires. I wanted to change their position in life, to make it better by creating clean energy and electricity.”

Acharya is among many who have used their intelligence to give back to the world. While I often wonder what parents are feeding their kids these days, it seems that most teens just want to make a difference.

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