This Toothbrush Cleans Teeth In 10 Seconds


Brushing our teeth is a necessary hassle. Sometimes we forget, what with far more important things to do. But the Amabrush, an automatic toothbrush that gets the job done in just 10 seconds, hopes to initiate change.

All users have to do is press a single button, wait 10 seconds, spit, and rinse.

To keep clean, the flexible mouthpiece is made from antibacterial silicone that kills more than 99 percent of all bacteria. Bristles are arranged at 45-degree angles on both sides to clean every tooth at once.

The Amabrush cleans each surface for only 1.25 seconds. Talk about getting a tedious task out of the way! It also comes with three different toothpaste variations–fresh, whitening, and sensitive.

The battery within the handpiece uses just enough power to last for 28 sessions on a single charge. This means users can go on vacation and still brush their teeth twice a day for two weeks without using the charging station.

For sharing purposes, multiple mouthpieces can use the same handpiece. A strong magnet connects the two together, so when it is time to share, simply remove and swap the current mouthpiece.

Don’t get me wrong. I am definitely a fan of greater technology with the potential to change lives. But in my busy schedule, this just takes the cake.

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