Terminally Ill Mechanic Repairs Bikes For Kids

There are people who live not for themselves, but for others. One such person is the serial tree-planter from Bangladesh. Another is terminally ill mechanic Bob Charland, who repairs bicycles for children. Charland suffers from a degenerative brain disease.

“When I was a kid, a bike was everything. And the only video game we had was Pac-Man. Now we see kids inside, not being active, watching all this violence. If I can go into poor neighborhood[s] and get the kids outside and active, this is going to improve their life, really help their self-esteem,”

In just five months, Charland has repaired 300 bikes. He calls his project Pedal Thru Youth, inspired by his own daughter, whom he raised as a single parent. Charland has since assembled bikes for homeless shelters and local schools, touching the hearts of everyone involved.

“His efforts are very inspirational to a lot of people. You really don’t realize it — that he’s sick. He just doesn’t stop — he pushes through night after night, day after day, whether he feels good or not. He’s really uplifting and great to be around.”

The entire community has proven to be avid Charland fans, donating space for him to work. Unsurprisingly, he was also honored by the National Department of Public Works. Thanks for the inspiration, Bob!

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