Startup Hires Single Moms To Make Recycled Shoes

With the holidays upon us, the season of giving has kicked off. Secret Santas are paying off strangers’ Christmas debts and random acts of kindness are on the rise. But for one Argentine startup, generosity lasts all year round. The group is employing struggling mothers to recycle tire scraps into shoes, tackling not only underemployment, but rubber waste.

“We like people and companies who buy our products to know they are helping empower women and people excluded by the system,” says [Xinca businessman Alejandro Malgor].

25 employees are currently working for the company, and operate in rural areas. Xinca’s main goal is to present underprivileged women with both the resources and confidence they lack.

“We teach the women how to work as a team, how to take responsibility in a job. When they learn new skills, the women get better self-esteem and more confidence. Having a job means they don’t only learn new tools for work but they grow personally, too.”

Xinca is also taking 100,000 tons of discarded rubber tires into their own hands. In just four years, the group has already managed to recycle 20,000 kilograms into footwear. It’s surely brought a whole new meaning to flats!

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