Man Refuses Evacuation To Save Animals From Wildfire

If I could measure how much of an animal lover one truly is, I’d use the locals of Kuta as my benchmark. Due to the recent activity in Mount Ugong, villagers have been relocating livestock into safe zones, despite the hazards. Perhaps the only individual who has since matched their obvious dedication is California local Peter Lang. The 77-year-old refused to evacuate in order to rescue animals from the Safari West Park and Animal Preserve.

Armed with only everyday garden hoses, Lang fought the fires as they began to close in on him and the animals he was trying to protect.

My garden hose can barely sustain my crumbling garden. Quips aside, Lang choosing to remain with the animals meant there was no hope for his own home. Though many have reached out to make donations, Lang humbly refused to receive any personal aid.

‚ÄúThank you for all the messages of love and support. So many of you have offered to donate money or establish funds in our name and we are stunned and humbled by your generosity. Please, if you do feel compelled to make a donation, direct it to a charity or organization that benefits all the victims of this terrible event,” [said Lang.]

Lang is truly the epitome of heroism. If a giraffe could, it would probably salute him.

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Elephants Rescue Tourists From Flood In Nepal

As the saying goes, an elephant never forgets. The relationship between one and a human is always give and take. While some are dedicating their lives to fighting for elephant rights, the animals are also doing their best to protect humans. Watching elephants rescue tourists from a jungle safari park in Nepal was an unexpected surprise — and a good one.

The Rapti River overflowed its banks in Sauraha, 80 km south of the capital, Kathmandu, inundating hotels and restaurants and leaving some 600 tourists stranded.

“Some 300 guests were rescued on elephant backs and tractor trailers to (nearby) Bharatpur yesterday and the rest will be taken to safer places today,”

Unfortunately, many others remain missing, as heavy rain affected 75 districts. Floods submerged over 60,000 homes.

“The heavy rains hit at one of the worst times, shortly after farmers planted their rice crop in the country’s most important agricultural region,”

Despite the tragedy, many lives were spared thanks to these gentle giants. To forgive and not forget is a notion that applies heavily to the humble elephant. They may be patient animals, but are still deserving of our respect.

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