All NYC Public Schools To Serve Vegan Lunch Options

Lately, the New York public school system has been on a roll with its feeding programs. Since its city council decided to offer free cafeteria lunches, there are now also options for vegans.

The upcoming vegan food options range from Mexicali Chili to Lentil Stew, to Zesty BBQ Crunchy Tofu — all which sounds pretty like a big improvement from conventional school lunches which are often highly processed meats or fried food.

Behind the movement is the Coalition for Health School Food, which has also helped three NYC schools go completely vegetarian. The vegan choices will allow food autonomy to children as well as lower their carbon footprint. While many parents have expressed concern over vegan diets, research can put their minds at ease.

The British Dietetic Association (BDA) have recently confirmed that “they believe a well-planned vegan diet ‘supports healthy living in people of all ages’ including ‘during pregnancy and breastfeeding.’”

Of course, students will be given the freedom to choose their own meals. Though a typical second-grader may be more privy to chicken nuggets, encouraging a side of vegetables may not be too difficult.

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Man Treats 70 Strangers To Thanksgiving Dinner

People in predicaments will often feel for others in similar situations. When new mom Elisabeth Anderson-Sierra learned she could produce more breastmilk than usual, she donated 5,000 pints to parents-in-need. Having to spend Thanksgiving alone since 1985, Scott Macaulay is treating strangers to a turkey meal for the 32nd year in a row.

“The whole idea of this is to replicate somebody’s home,” he says. “I bring in sofas, oriental rugs and fake fireplaces so that everyone will feel like they’re in somebody’s living room. Then, I put myself in charge of the cooking and some of the guests chip in to serve dinner and clean up.”

Hosting dinner at the Greet Street Baptist Church, Macaulay says the gatherings are less about the food and more about family. Many of his visitors are widows and widowers or single parents. Macaulay’s ex-wife even once made an appearance. After the meal, guests share what they are most thankful for.

“I save all of their submissions because it’s sentimental,” he [says]. “Most people are thankful for their health, while others are thankful for things like, ‘My son is now speaking to me.’ Everything always comes from the heart.”

Who knew turkey could bring people together?

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Vegan Restaurant Is Donating All Profits To Charity

Most charitable industries will donate a portion of their earnings to those in need. While it’s an admirable feat, some groups work exclusively to provide others with food and supplies. In fact, an organic farm in New York exists solely for soup kitchens across the state. This vegan restaurant is no different.

All the profits from P.S. Kitchen are reportedly being donated to charities with missions to disrupt the poverty cycle… [Owner] DeRossi’s new cocktail bar Coup donates all of its profits to organizations threatened by the Trump administration.

Menu items are, of course, plant-based and dairy-free. The “P.S.” aspect of the establishment’s name also denotes something deeper.

“This is more than a restaurant and the postscript reflects that there is more to the story. PS: We donate all profits to charitable organizations. PS: We hire staff from underprivileged backgrounds. PS: All food and drink is plant-based.”

The concept itself is clever and very promising. I only hope its food can talk the talk and walk the walk.

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Petsmart Donates 30 Million Meals To Animals In Need

Dog parents will do just about anything for their beloved pet. This includes paying thousands of dollars to treat disabled animals or get them insured. While some shelter residents end up in loving homes, not all of them are lucky. However, in celebrating its 30th anniversary, Petsmart has decided to give back to the animals it advocates. The pet store chain donated 30 million meals to dogs and cats in need.

During the “Buy A Bag, Give A Meal” promotion, the company will donate a meal for every bag of dog or cat food purchased in stores and online through 2017.

Petsmart is teaming up with various groups to manufacture and deliver the food. Because the program runs through to the end of the year, Petsmart hopes to donate at least another 30 million meals.

The allocation of food donations to beneficiary organizations will be based on PetSmart Charities’ evaluation of the needs among potential recipients, the ability of potential recipients to receive, handle and distribute the food donations, and where the donated meals can be most effectively delivered.

Petsmart hopes to allocate 50% of meals to dogs and 50% of meals to cats. With 7 million animals entering shelters per year, lack of food is a serious issue. It’s thanks to programs like Petsmart’s that keep man’s best friend and his feline sidekick healthy.

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Couple Donates Wedding Meals To Hurricane Victims

It’s the season of gowns and tuxedos and newlyweds are taking headlines by storm. A British couple is being praised for hosting a zero-waste wedding reception. Now, a Texas duo is being applauded for donating their wedding meals to Hurricane Harvey victims.

“Everyone in Houston right now is doing everything we can to try to help. Once we were able to get out there and do something for the community, it felt really amazing.”

Preparation took place at the Aishnel House, a nonprofit dedicated to caring for patients at Texas Medical Center. According to would-be bride Dayna Skolkin, her late mother was a co-founder of the group.

“We were very fortunate to fare so lucky in the storm, but so many others weren’t. It was the obvious decision that we needed to get our and help,” Skolkin added. “It was therapeutic for us to get out of our own personal feelings of sadness to do something productive for the community.”

The couple helped prepare chicken, mashed potatoes, and vegetables. It may not have been the gourmet three-course meal they imagined, but it remained to be a special one.

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Pizza Hut Delivers Free Meals To Harvey Victims

As world hunger continues to plague millions, the food industry is playing a more active role in giving back. Soup kitchens are becoming abundant, and now fast food chains are doing their part. Pizza Hut employees from Sugar Land are delivering free meals to Hurricane Harvey victims — by kayak.

“They waded in the water, as far as they could, to get to all these people and they’re just so happy to see them. So happy to see Pizza Hut,” [chain owner] Habib laughed. “One woman was like, ‘You’ve got a customer for life.’ That made me smile.”

The last time pizza made me this happy was… well, when I last ordered a pizza. In just a few days, the Sugar Land branch delivered 120 pizzas.

“We are so proud of our team for seeing a need, stepping up and helping the community in a time of devastation,”

Habib herself braved deep waters despite being 6 months pregnant. To top it all off, the pizzas remained “steaming” in their heat-locking boxes. Now that’s five-star customer service.

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When You Diet You Lose More Than Just Weight

I am not a heavy set woman. Granted, I am nowhere near a size 2 either. I am a solid in-between, healthy, and yet social media tells me I am plus sized. By no means am I obliged to lose any weight. Yet, time and again, I opt for the occasional diet, whether by means of a detox or regulating my meals. The reason? Simple–I care what I look like, and I am allowed to.

Most my relatives are diet skeptics. “It’s dangerous.” “It’ll make you sick.” I’ve heard every possible concern. But just as my weight shouldn’t be anyone’s problem, neither should be my decision to lose it.

I have often been told that dieting will not make me feel better about myself–perhaps it is the case for some. Dieting is not all about weight, or rather the loss of it. Over the years, it has given me a sense of control. As a person who struggles with anxiety, being in control of something is empowering.

Calorie counters are notoriously pegged obsessive-compulsive. But working with the mathematics of food can be liberating. I am inarguably right-brained, so numbers come as a challenge. Being able to grasp something that is naturally foreign to me is nothing short of a success. Plus, I get to see food in an entirely different light–as something that is also calculated. After all, a lot of thought goes into preparing a meal.

When I am not dieting, I fall victim to overeating. There’s nothing like a hand-tossed pizza drowning in pepperoni and mozzarella, and unfortunately, it’s a trendy household meal. With the current accessibility of deliveries, people no longer turn to their kitchens for dinner. They simply don’t have the time. Being in shape demands effort, and with it, I’ve learned commitment. This isn’t to say I don’t reward myself with a cheat day at the end of every week.

Dieting doesn’t so much revolve around restraint, but also allowing yourself to enjoy when you know you’ve earned it. Knowing I’ve lasted six days without giving in to a single cookie brings just as much a sense of accomplishment as I do in my working and personal life.

I also realize much is lost when you diet–not just weight. I lose my toxicity, not only from grease and oil. I feel internally cleansed. I am ridding myself of parts of me I no longer want to hold on to. I am not always satisfied with how I look, and I think that’s okay.

I have heard whispers: “She could shed a few pounds.” “Her thighs are gigantic.” “She used to be so skinny.” I won’t say it doesn’t affect me. But it isn’t from where my motivation to eat healthy stems.

I am inspired by the fact that I am perfectly content with change. It will come around either way. I don’t diet out of shame, nor for anyone else, but out of love for myself and who I want to become.

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