Cosmetic Brand Lush Is Funding Permaculture Farms

Cosmetic brand Lush, known for its scrumptious bath bombs, is on a roll with its eco-initiatives. Since turning trash into packaging, it is also now funding permaculture farms at £1 million a year.

“For us, the work we focus on is often regenerative, as opposed to sustainable – we want to give back more than we take,”

The said permaculture farms provide the beauty brand with organic ingredients such as aloe and shea butter. While Lush can count on a stable supply of materials, it is also helping communities thrive.

“We started the fund in 2010, with the idea that there can be a different, more supportive way of doing business,” [says creative buyer Gabbi Loedolff.]

The initiative, called the SLush Fund, has reached out to groups in Ghana and Peru. It is creating jobs and providing new technologies while being mindful of the environment. On that note, I think a relaxing soak in the tub would be doing myself and Lush some good.

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Famous Brand Is Turning Trash Into Packaging

After a long day at work, I could always use a good bath bomb. LUSH is not only a cult favorite, but a leader in eco-conscious branding. Famous for its organic materials and edible (you heard that right!) packing peanuts, how much more sustainable can LUSH get? A lot more, apparently. In its latest stint, LUSH is now transforming plastic waste into packaging.

The company just partnered with Ocean Legacy Foundation to collect 27 tons of plastic from the ocean… That plastic waste is being converted by Urban Resource Group into plastic pellets. Those plastic pellets are then combined [with] other post-consumer waste to become the 100 percent recycled bottles and black pots that become home to your favorite products.

LUSH is notable for its love for the sea, donating proceeds from its shark fin-shaped soap to ocean conservation.

According to the brand, more than eight million tons of plastic are dumped in the ocean every year, five trillion individual pieces of plastic are estimated to be floating in our ocean, and more than a million seabirds and over 100,000 marine mammals die every year from plastic.

Alongside LUSH, the fashion industry is also putting trash to good use. Looks like some other brands have a lot of stepping up to do!

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