NFL Quarterback Pledges Salary To Cafeteria Employees

People like Bill Gates have no problem sliding part of their paychecks into the hands of lucky staff members. The Microsoft CEO, among others, has made a generous difference in the lives of others. For rookie NFL quarterback Deshaun Watson, his first paycheck was a milestone. However, the selfless athlete decided to donate the $27,353 to three cafeteria ladies working at the NRG stadium.

“For what you all do for us every day and never complain, I really appreciate you all, so I wanted to give my first game check to y’all to help y’all out in some type of way,”

The three lucky ladies were working to support family members who had been affected by Hurricane Harvey. The ribbon-wrapped envelopes were, undoubtedly, their very own glimmer of hope.

“Hopefully, that’s good and that can get you back on your feet. And anything else y’all need, I’m always here to help.”

The heartfelt video of the emotional moment has since gone viral, and I can tell you now that tissues are essential!

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Surfing Dogs Raise Funds For Orphan Pets

Dogs have been known to help people and fellow animals alike. From planting trees to assisting baby cheetahs, we can rest assured that they care about the world. After Hurricane Harvey, there is a particularly fascinating story involving our furry friends that caught my attention. Some surfing dogs are looking out for their own, raising funds for orphan pets.

The 12th annual surf competition for dogs raised $80,000 to help orphan pets at the Rancho Santa Fe-based Helen Woodward Animal Center, including more than 60 rescued dogs and cats from Hurricane Harvey.

The Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon lasted 6 hours and attracted over 5,000 guests. Dogs, separated into weight classes, surfed in 10-minute heats. To be honest, I’m not sure what I am more impressed with — the funds raised, the cause that the funds are supporting, or the fact that these dogs are practically amazing athletes.

The canine surf fest also included a costume contest for pooches to show off beach wear and freestyle surf competition, where points were awarded for creativity.

I am bummed to have missed such a lighthearted event. But more than that, I am also proud that our two-legged friends have been participating in relief efforts — and doing fantastic jobs at it! Truly, anything is paw-sible.

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Couple Donates Wedding Meals To Hurricane Victims

It’s the season of gowns and tuxedos and newlyweds are taking headlines by storm. A British couple is being praised for hosting a zero-waste wedding reception. Now, a Texas duo is being applauded for donating their wedding meals to Hurricane Harvey victims.

“Everyone in Houston right now is doing everything we can to try to help. Once we were able to get out there and do something for the community, it felt really amazing.”

Preparation took place at the Aishnel House, a nonprofit dedicated to caring for patients at Texas Medical Center. According to would-be bride Dayna Skolkin, her late mother was a co-founder of the group.

“We were very fortunate to fare so lucky in the storm, but so many others weren’t. It was the obvious decision that we needed to get our and help,” Skolkin added. “It was therapeutic for us to get out of our own personal feelings of sadness to do something productive for the community.”

The couple helped prepare chicken, mashed potatoes, and vegetables. It may not have been the gourmet three-course meal they imagined, but it remained to be a special one.

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Texan Uses Coupon Collection To Help Hurricane Victims

The aftermath of Hurricane Harvey has proved to be equally as hopeful as it was devastating. People are doing all they can for one another, from making pizza deliveries to baking thousands of loaves of bread. A month after the floods, this Texan mom continues to give back, using her coupon collection to help victims.

“Many hurricane evacuees are asking for pampers, wipes and formula. I don’t have any of that stuff in my stockpile but I have tons of coupons for them,”

Kimberly Gager collected coupons to the extreme, enough to stockpile goods to fill her garage. Neighbors have also helped fund her cause, in addition to contacting those in need of assistance.

“It is definitely a second job. I get very little sleep… Once I finish my daytime job, I am hitting the store. Sometimes I even do this during lunch, before work, everything.”
Like any working mom, Gager can’t avoid the wrath of exhaustion. However, she remains passionate about helping others, having been the victim of hurricane damage back in 1999. Gager continues to donate items, proving that being a hoarder can truly come in handy.
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Hurricane Harvey Victims Are Receiving Free Bicycles

When it comes to natural disasters, no one is safe. Hurricane Harvey, which rampaged around Houston, ruined homes and establishments alike. While many are eager to help, people need to be mindful of the appropriate measures to take. Some, like Houston Bike Share, are going the extra mile by helping victims ride out the damage by giving them free bicycles.

“We’re really pushing this as helping someone who lost a vehicle, but we also have cases where there’s families asking if we have kids’ bikes so their kids would be able to bike to school, because without a family car, they’re running around not knowing the best way to get who where,”

The storm destroyed nearly a million cars, a tragedy for 94.4% of Houston households that use them. Insurance is saving the day for 85% of car insurance holders, but leaving the remaining 15% in the dust.

“You’ve got some people who have been displaced to areas where they can’t take their regular form of public transportation. And so we’re open to those applicants as well.”

As of today, bike manufacturing companies have donated around 450 bicycles. That should be keeping the Houston ball rolling!

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Pizza Hut Delivers Free Meals To Harvey Victims

As world hunger continues to plague millions, the food industry is playing a more active role in giving back. Soup kitchens are becoming abundant, and now fast food chains are doing their part. Pizza Hut employees from Sugar Land are delivering free meals to Hurricane Harvey victims — by kayak.

“They waded in the water, as far as they could, to get to all these people and they’re just so happy to see them. So happy to see Pizza Hut,” [chain owner] Habib laughed. “One woman was like, ‘You’ve got a customer for life.’ That made me smile.”

The last time pizza made me this happy was… well, when I last ordered a pizza. In just a few days, the Sugar Land branch delivered 120 pizzas.

“We are so proud of our team for seeing a need, stepping up and helping the community in a time of devastation,”

Habib herself braved deep waters despite being 6 months pregnant. To top it all off, the pizzas remained “steaming” in their heat-locking boxes. Now that’s five-star customer service.

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Trapped Houston Bakers Bake Bread For Flood Victims

For the most part, I think people are inherently good. After all, gathering with strangers to save a drowning family or planting a tree every single day for 12 years is more than just intuition. With Hurricane Harvey on a full rampage, people have demonstrated as utmost selflessness towards others. These Houston bakers trapped in El Bolillo Bakery spent 48 hours baking bread for flood victims while waiting for rescue.

The workers used 4,400 pounds of flour to prepare hundreds of loaves of bolillos, kolaches and pan dulce for storm victims. As Harvey raged on, they found motivation in the good their work would do for the community. “They knew it was going to be needed,”

Luckily, despite floodwaters seeping in through the bakery doors, El Bolillo never lost power. Immediately after owner Kirk Michaelis evacuated staff, he personally delivered the baked goods to shelters across Houston.

“We’re not anything compared to some of the people out there working and doing amazing things,” Michaelis said. “We’re just doing our little part.”

I don’t know about you, but I’d call Michaelis and his staff pretty heroic.

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