Hockey Player Purchases Arena Suite For Needy Kids

When people like Bill Gates are donating billions of dollars to charity, your own efforts may seem eclipsed. But, as I like to say, every good deed counts, no matter the extent. Hockey star Jonathan Drouin decided to surprise underprivileged children by purchasing them an arena suite to attend games.

“From the first day I got here, I wanted to get involved and do something for children by giving them an opportunity to enjoy memorable experiences. By giving them a chance to attend a hockey game, I am hoping that an evening in the suite will provide the kids and their families with some relief from the personal hardships they are facing,” Drouin said.

Prior to the suite stunt, Canadiens player Drouin also pledged $500,000 to a Montreal medical center over a 10-year span. The Bell Centre suite cost him a sizable check of $165,000. Regardless of numbers, Drouin seems to be more than willing to help.

“They’ll have a chance to be together and have a great time, and for me, it’s an opportunity to contribute in my own way to their well-being.”

While the Canadiens are off to a somewhat rocky start, Drouin has confirmed his rightful place as MVP.

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Goalie Helps Opponent Catch Birth Of Baby Son

I believe that people are inherently good. Strangers can volunteer to return a missing family pet across state. Entire communities can gather together to raise funds for a family in need. Regardless of who a person is, kindness is almost always in anyone’s nature. Latest to reflect this mantra is Griffins goalie Tom McCollum, who lent his pick-up to opponent Pierre-Cedric Labrie to catch the birth of his son.

“I’ve never actually met PC, but I played against him a bunch when he was in Rockford,” McCollum said… “He’s one of those … you can just tell he’s an honest hockey player.

At the time, Labrie’s only option was to fly and miss the birth, until the sympathetic McCollum stepped in. In lieu of a chauffeur, Labrie then braved the Milwaukee snowstorm in the borrowed truck.

“He offered to pay me for (using the truck),” McCollum said. “I just asked him to fill it up with gas, and he was nice enough he washed it for me before he gave it back. That’s all I need honestly.”

In just under six hours, Labrie and his wife welcomed baby Lionel. Hockey may be tough, but there’s always a little room for bromance.

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