Sustainable Ceremonies Top Wedding Trends

When it comes to weddings, it’s all about the bride and groom. No matter the price tag, food and decor are all up to the lovebirds. However, receptions can be wasteful, and newlyweds are starting to do something about it. For one British couple, it was all about serving up a zero-waste feast. But sustainable ceremonies aren’t the easiest to pull off — at least not without the help of Day Maker Events.

“Many ask for a green wedding these days. People show concern over the use of plastics and other non-biodegradable materials for the decorations. So, we thought why not go back to the past and our valuable traditions!”

To start a new age of wedding trends, the Kochi company in India provides a slew of charming decorations made entirely of coconut products. From grand arches to leaf plates, Day Maker Events knows how to keep it green. And definitely pretty.

“It is environment-friendly and it benefits farmers, too… Above all, the cost is very less compared to other types of decorations. Disposal after use will also not be an issue.”

The best part? Hiring them won’t cost you over a thousand bucks. Interestingly rustic, it shows us one thing: sustainability can come with style!

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Green Chandelier Acts As Air Purifier

In a salad, algae may not seem too appetizing, but it sure is a fashion statement. Clarks recently released a shoe made from biomass algae, which seems to have tipped off a trend. Designers now want in on the action, specifically Julian Melchiorri, who built a green chandelier that purifies air.

The green lighting piece is composed of 70 glass leaves filled with green algae, which absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. The transparent liquid filters through light, giving off a warm glow.

The display, called Exhale, is functional indoors and outdoors. It can also take on various forms depending on necessity. How, then, does the algae work its magic? Simple — photosynthesis. Melchiorri is all about function and the environment, and it’s not going unnoticed.

For his efforts, Melchiorri was awarded the Emerging Talent Award during London Design Week, which is given out to individuals who have made an impact within five years of graduation.

It may still be a prototype, but Exhale has surely left its mark on the design industry. With more people like Melchiorri, we may be able to restore the environment — one leaf at a time.

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Bamboo Building Can Withstand Natural Disasters

If consumers can go green, so can infrastructure. So far we’ve seen the emergence of vertical gardens and power-generating houses. Now the trend is hitting schools across the globe. This bamboo building in Panyaden International School in Thailand doesn’t only have a zero-carbon footprint — it can also withstand natural disasters.

Designed by Chiangmai Life Construction, the Bamboo Sports Hall features a modern organic design that draws inspiration from the lotus flower. The large multipurpose facility was built to withstand local natural forces including high-speed winds and earthquakes, and it boasts a zero-carbon footprint.

The facility is huge, to say the least, at 782 square meters large. It is modeled after a lotus, in honor of the school’s Buddhist values. It can accommodate up to 300 students and includes varying sports provisions.

“The bamboo used absorbed carbon to a much higher extent than the carbon emitted during treatment, transport and construction.”

The use of bamboo partners well with Panyaden’s “Green School” mission. The material has a lifespan of at least 50 years.

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Grow 5 Acres Of Produce In Just 40 Feet

The world of farming has seen a fair share of drawbacks. Pests, droughts, and floods have all, at some point, plagued a land-full of crops. Of course, farming isn’t necessarily easy–but it can be. Local Roots’ container farms can grow up to 5 acres of produce using only 5 to 20 gallons of water daily. And they’re only 40 feet long.

Local Roots’… TerraFarms grow produce twice as fast as a traditional farm, all while using 97 percent less water and zero pesticides or herbicides. They can grow as much food as could be grown on three to five acres. They’re able to do this thanks to LED lights tuned to specific wavelengths and intensities, and sensor systems monitoring water, nutrient, and atmospheric conditions.

Not only that–you can set up and harvest crops in just a nifty 4 weeks! TerraFarms are like Legos in that they are stackable and space-efficient. They can also exist pretty much anywhere, whether in a parking lot or warehouse.

Local Roots’ technology could one day allow astronauts to consume fresh produce in space. Their growing systems could offer a food source on long-term, deep space missions.

That’s pretty spectacular. Or should I say intergalactic?

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Sustainable Fashion Is The New Chic

I was thirteen when I stopped eating meat. My parents, on a road trip, had driven past a slaughterhouse. I’d caught a whiff of a terrible smell, and even worse, a peek at a butchering session. Since then I’ve maintained a sustainable diet. And while sustainability in food is trendy, people are looking to expand it to other aspects of daily life. Primarily, this includes fashion.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve spent ample time revamping my closet into something more eco-friendly. Though the fashion industry is quickly welcoming change, the issue of wasteful consumers remains.

Since going on a wardrobe cleanse, I’ve picked up on a couple of tips that have helped me achieve a perfectly green closet.

The key to a hard fashion reset is segregating your closet. Know what no longer suits you and what still rocks your style. Take a few days to contemplate whether you are willing to keep certain pieces or not. If you aren’t, donate or sell them. Whatever you do, don’t toss them. Someone might be into what you no longer are. If you are unsure, borrow grandma’s sewing machine and repair whatever pieces you think you can save. You never know when a garment just needs a little tweak.

Inevitably, getting rid of clothes occasionally means you’ll run short of them. If it’s a case that calls for some retail therapy, shop wisely. Think about what you value in a piece of clothing. Surely, going “green” means you aren’t looking to wear a dead animal, but are you also banning animal byproducts? Where you shop is also something to consider, as buying garments made locally is often more beneficial for a community.

Of course, going on the hunt for a brand new wardrobe is more exciting than anyone gives it credit for. So be sure to do your research for a clearer picture of what you might be truly interested in. Many affordable brands such as H&M are becoming more sustainable (check out their Conscious Collection!). See if your principles align with what certain brands are selling.

More importantly, make a list. Lists are tedious, but they are your friend. Be specific. Purchase only what is on your list. Don’t over shop! Pick out what you can mix and match. You can never expect when you’ll get carried away on a shopping spree.

Hitting the mall isn’t the last of your worries because, trust me, you will always have the urge to shop. So refine your style not according to what is currently in, but what you will feel most comfortable in. Magazines may be outdated in this day and age, but go through them if you must. After all, the new generation seems pretty keen on reviving trends we thought were a thing of the past (hello bell-bottoms).

Give your closet personality. If you grow tired of something, at least you’ll have other things to fall back on. If you’re not quite that adventurous, go for a timeless wardrobe. It may require a bit more effort, but it’ll be worth the time spent and money saved.

While eco-conscious brands are now getting the traction they deserve, you, as a consumer, could be their ultimate key to success.

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