Deaf Pit Bull Is Washington’s Newest K-9 Unit

There isn’t a lot that dogs can’t do, besides — of course — talk (although we wish they could). They’re keeping greenhouses safe and even proving to paraplegics that anything is possible. But unwanted pit bull Ghost is turning even more tables, becoming Washington’s first deaf K-9 officer.

“Barb found Ghost to be a very stable dog,” [said Jeremy] Barclay [of Washington State Dept. of Corrections]… “He was very focused and determined to locate his ball when thrown or hidden. This makes for a more trainable dog for drug contraband detection. His high energy was also key.”

The adorable pup was found as a stray, jumping from Swamp Haven Rescue to Olympic Peninsula Humane Society. Ghost now bunks in with handler Joe Henderson, keeping bad guys at bay in the morning.

“I think it’s wonderful that he has his forever home while benefiting the public safety of our citizenry,” said Barclay.

Ghost is definitely the good boy America needed.

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Japanese Train “Barks” To Prevent Deer Accidents

When it comes to cutting-edge technology, leave it to Japan to be ahead of the game. China may hold the record for the world’s fastest railway, but Japan is priding itself on a far more unique type of train. To prevent deer accidents, the Railway Technical Research Institute is installing an unusual barking system.

A three-second blast of the sound of a deer snorting attracts the animals’ attention, and 20 seconds of dog barking is enough to make them take flight.

So far, late-night tests have proved to reduce flockings by half. In 2016 alone, the transport ministry has seen 613 collisions. Hits can delay the punctual Japanese liners by up to 30 minutes. Still, engineers have put forward other possible solutions.

Another plan, which earned a railway employee Japan’s Good Design Award in December, is for deer crossings policed by ultrasonic waves, which allow animals access to the tracks at times when trains aren’t running.

Strangely enough, deer often approach railways due to their dietary needs for iron. Perhaps now they are realizing that licking tracks isn’t the safest way to snack.

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Search Dog Is Tracking Survivors In Mexico

Some dogs, such as Diesel, who saved his owners from a house fire, are heroes to their families. Other dogs are heroes to complete strangers. Meet Frida, a seven-year-old search dog tracking survivors of the Mexico earthquake.

In her career, Frida has located 12 people alive beneath the rubble plus more than 40 others dead, more than any other Mexican rescue dog… She has put her nose to work in disasters such as an earthquake in Ecuador last year, another one in southern Mexico two weeks ago, a landslide in Guatemala in 2015 and a Mexico City gas explosion in 2013.

The heroic Labrador has made such an impression that she has appeared on tattoos and an unofficial 500 peso bill. After all, dogs and social media are the best of pals. Frida has spent most of her rescue antics at a school in southern Mexico.

“It’s a source of pride to work with Frida. She’s a very, very special dog,” said Israel Arauz, her handler for the past two years.

Alongside Frida work several other search dogs, all part of the Mexican Navy. In a year, Frida will retire to live with Arauz, dedicating her hardworking nose to the smell of treats.

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Hikers Rescue Labrador Stranded For 4 Days

Dogs make great athletic companions — they can hunt, run, swim, and jump hurdles. But adventure comes with a risk and sometimes the consequences are dire. Rescuing doesn’t always come on time and, in some instances, has taken up to three years. For this lucky Labrador stranded in the Chilliwack mountains for four days, casual hikers took no time to save him.

Amanda McGregor’s chocolate lab Louie is now recovering from a mountain adventure that brought together dozens of people in the local hiking community.

It began when McGregor’s stepdaughter Janessa picked Louie up at 6 a.m… for an overnight trek to Radium Lake.

But when 2 p.m. came on Sunday and Janessa and Louie weren’t back, Amanda started to worry.

Because Janessa was not directly in danger’s way, the police could not respond. McGregor then did what anyone in this day and age would’ve done — she turned to social media.

There was almost too much of a response with dozens of commenters making suggestions, offering equipment and to come out and help.

When the rescuers got to Louie… the dog wasn’t moving much and wouldn’t walk at all.

Within a few hours, Louie was whisked away to an animal hospital. Within a day, FaceBook users raised over $500 for the pup’s recovery.

“In this day and age, to know that humans are out there that do this. This is such a positive story about people.”

Trust me, we agree.

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Dog Returns Home After Being Lost For 9 Months

When a dog goes missing, it’s inevitable to lose hope after a certain period of time. However, retriever Mo refused to give up on her family and reunited with them after 9 long months.

Darwin and Cindy Cameron stayed near the tiny hamlet of Horseshoe Bend… for three months looking for Mo. But deep snow and harsh conditions eventually made the search impossible.

Dog rescuer Cheri Glankler took in a starving retriever that had collapsed at a nearby ranch last month. Based on the dog’s initial disheveled appearance, it was clear that she had been living on her own in the wild.

Despite dozens of false sightings, Mo’s owners didn’t hesitate to rush down to the station. Mo had lost half her body weight in the wild.

“Who saved Mo? Mo saved Mo,” Glankler said. “Even here when I would take her out on a lead, she was searching. She knew who she was looking for. She’s incredible.”

I suppose dogs are man’s best friend for a reason–they never give up on their families.

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Dog Rescued After 3 Years In Drain

Every now and then, I catch features of impossible rescues on Animal Planet. I’ve witnessed kittens trapped in pipes, and birds caught in fishing nets. But for mixed-breed dog Alexandra, who was stuck in a drain, rescuing had to wait–for nearly 3 years.

A girl named Lena called [a] shelter and practically implored them to rescue a dog that had fallen down an uncovered drain, into a complex central heating system. Lena and other kindhearted people had been throwing the dog food, but, so far, they had been unable to rescue it.

Lena… told volunteers at the dog shelter that over the last three years, she had contacted the Ministry for Emergency Situations, various activists and even professional dog handlers, but no one expressed a desire to help.

Only recently did a shelter in Nikopol answer Lena’s pleas to rescue the stray. To be honest, it was about time. Elena, a volunteer at the shelter, expressed her disdain for the lack of effort to rescue Alexandra.

“For nearly a week, the dog, which we named Alexandra… has been living at our shelter,” Elena says. “Obviously, she is still terrified… She needs to get used to the sounds and smells around her, to people and other dogs.”

Throughout history, we have seen dogs become heroes. Perhaps it’s our turn to be theirs.

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Therapy Dogs Are Not Just For Humans – Cheetahs Need Them Too!

Dog is man’s best friend for many legitimate reasons. They are eyes for the blind and companions for the suffering. We have turned to dogs for comfort in the face of hard times and now, cheetahs at the Richmond Zoo need them too.

Kumbali is a cheetah cub at the Metro Richmond Zoo, and as a newborn, the cub was losing weight because its mother wasn’t producing enough milk to feed her litter. Once Kumbali was cared for and brought back to health, his family rejected him, but the anxious cat, very social by nature, still needed a friend. That’s where Kago, a companion dog, came in.

Dogs–and Labrador Retrievers in particular–are calming by nature, but also extremely confident. Kumbali takes behavioral cues from Kago, and while Kago is the dominant protector, Kumbali is not intimidated and will not cause his friend any harm.

This symbiotic relationship would never happen in the wild; however, we believe the positive outcomes outweigh any negative. As the two grow up together, they create a bond that becomes almost inseparable, sibling-like.

Kumbali and Kago’s story screams “Real Life Fox And The Hound” and I’m all for it!

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Dog Knighted A Hero After Saving Family From House Fire

Dogs have been known to be man’s best friend–and with good reason. They have been proven to know when we are sad or anxious and are skilled in the art of cheering up owners. Some dogs will go the extra mile, including a Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Diesel, who is Devon’s most recent hero.

[Diesel], who saved his owners from a house fire has received the “Animals’ George Cross” at a ceremony in London today

[Owner] Chris Ash added: “We have a smoke alarm, but I’d been decorating so I’d taken it down for a few days and not reconnected it. It’s not a mistake I will ever make again. Without Diesel, the night could have ended very differently.”

Studies have claimed it is instinctual for dogs to be protective of their owners, even putting their lives at risk.

The PDSA Gold Medal was presented to Diesel at The Worshipful Company of Saddlers, London. Instituted in 2002, the PDSA Gold Medal is awarded to civilian animals for life-saving bravery and exceptional devotion to duty.

Diesel is among 25 other dogs who have received PDSA Gold Medals.

This is not the first incident of dogs saving their human families: in San Francisco, a Doberman Pinscher named Khan rescued a toddler from a venomous snake, while in Michigan, a Golden Retriever named Kelsey saved her owner who broke his neck in a fall.

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