Female Pakistani Superhero Is A Role Model To Girls

Slowly but surely, the world of literature and television is finally becoming more diverse. People from marginalized populations are now gaining some representation, especially in global mainstream media. Last year, for instance, Sesame Street introduced their first Afghan member Zeerak. But things are also at work internally. The Middle Eastern comic book world is not far behind with Sarah, a female Pakistani superhero.

The creator, [Hassan Siddiqui], of the English-language comic says he hopes the superhero will give young girls across Pakistan a role model and embolden them to fight corruption and violence in a country where crime is rife in major cities and corruption is the norm.

It’s a step towards abolishing gender discrimination in a country where honor killings are frequent. The comic does not only tackle crime and corruption, but even zooms in on gender-based violence and domestic abuse, shedding light on very important issues.

But while the online community has received “Pakistan Girl” with open arms, local readership could be a problem. Illiteracy rates are at an all-time high. However, believing in its significance, schools across the nation are now implementing the comic into curriculums.

“I think we should be teaching them through this kind of literature because that’s actually the tender age when they are building their own images of their future life,” said [new comic book fan and school principal Saadia Adnan] after browsing through a bookstore copy.

Siddiqui’s previous works include “The Burka Avenger” and “Pakistan Man”, with both titular superheroes combating the crisis of corruption. But as “Pakistan Girl” targets gendered issues and provides a different representation, I hope that Sarah, the female Pakistani superhero, becomes to young women all over the region a great figure to look up to.

With the future of this world in the hands of young ones, inspiring respect and dignity seems the way to go.

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High School Honor Fallen Homeless Veteran

While many retired military veterans are receiving support from groups such as Semper K9 Assistance Dogs, not all of them have it easy. More than a handful of vets end up in shelters, while an unluckier few attempt to survive on the streets. Fallen veteran John T. Fitzmaurice was among the latter population, but no longer had living relatives to pay their respects. Students at the Catholic Memorial High School in Massachusetts then decided to honor Fitzmaurice in a special funeral.

‘Paying homage to a veteran… and to honor his legacy, and to help our boys realize that we have to stand with those who are marginalized, those that are poor or those of our community that are cast out.’ [said CMHS president Dr. Peter Folan.]

Students did not know Fitzmaurice personally, but were eager to step in as his family. Along with Lazarus Ministry and Lawlar and Crosby Funeral Home, CMHS saw through a proper burial with full military honors. Students also shared photos on social media.

‘John T. Fitzmaurice was a hero, a veteran, and he is part of our family now. Farewell, John. You are a CM Knight forever.’

Being a hero isn’t always glorious — but it may inspire others to become one as well.

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