Auctioned Navajo Blanket Saves Man From Poverty

Hardly is it the case that sheer fate can turn a person’s life around. But after a rare thrift store find sent two high school students to university, it seemed no one was taking any chances. California native Loren Krytzer struck gold when he auctioned an heirloom blanket for $1.5 million.

“It was just hard to grasp,” [Krytzer] says. “I mean, I worked hard my whole life. I was in construction, I never bought anything, I never saved, I always rented. I bought used cars cause that’s all I could afford. I lived paycheck to paycheck my whole life.”

The former carpenter and amputee was living on $200 a month with the help of disability funding.  Krytzer only realized the blanket’s worth after stumbling upon a television special featuring variations of the item. With the help of auctioneer Jeff Moran, Krytzer saw to it that his bank account would receive a healthy refill.

“I firmly believe I’m here because years ago I turned my life around,” he says. “The things I’ve been through, I tell people it’s a strong faith and a strong mind. Without those things you’re not going to make it.”

Don’t get me wrong–hard work still remains the true catalyst of success. But a little bit of luck does taste pretty sweet.

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