This Sustainable Distillery Is Making Trash Vodka

Ava Winery took the first step towards eco-friendly alcohol by creating synthetic wine. It seems sustainable distillery Misadventure and Co. are following in its footsteps by filtering Vodka made with food waste.

Once a week, it collects about a thousand pounds of bread products that a local food bank would otherwise throw out… “We get Twinkies, Ho Hos, French baguettes, crullers, you name it,” [says] co-owner Whit Rigali. “The whole bakery aisle goes into our vodka.”

Normally, Vodka is sugar from fermented starch. Using bread isn’t much different. The ingredients are first combined into a large blender and mashed into a porridge-like consistency. The distillery then adds yeast and moves on to the distillation process. The result? A pretty darn good Vodka.

“If food waste were a country, it would be the third largest contributor of greenhouse gases behind the United States and China,” [co-owner] Chereskin says. “In 2014, the amount of food wasted could fill the Empire State Building 90-some times.”

Expired Twinkies may not sound like an appetizing component of any cocktail — but it sure is unique.

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