Squid Ink Treatment: A New Dental Breakthrough?

When it comes to dental hygiene, being forgetful is not uncommon. Anyway, tooth sensitivity is now easily remedied with green tea extract. If you’re especially lazy, you can invest in an automatic toothbrush, which gets the job done in just 10 seconds. If your pearly whites aren’t faring too well, squid ink treatment is now apparently a thing.

Patients would start by rinsing their mouths with… food-grade squid ink, water and cornstarch. Capillary action would cause that liquid to be drawn up into any gum pockets they might have, and stay there even after the rinse has been spat out.

A light source such as a laser pulse or an LED would then be applied to the gums. This would cause light-absorbing melanin nanoparticles in the squid ink to heat up and expand, generating an acoustic signal.

The squid ink treatment would replace traditional gum disease detection procedures. This means au revoir to that horrifying stick-and-poke tool dentists shove in between your teeth. Formally, it’s known as a periodontal probe, which sounds just as scary as it actually is.

Researchers have successfully tested the technology on pig patients. Clinical trials are predicted to be soon — or at least until a newer, less salty mixture is in the works.

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