This Solar-Powered Village Is For The Homeless

We have seen the likes of solar-powered cellphones and commuter trains become a reality. But an entire community of energy-neutral homes seems slightly out of our reach. Maybe not for the Dutch. Studio Elmo Vemijs has erected a solar-powered village for the homeless.

The architects designed the tiny homes specifically for individuals suffering from mental illness, drug addiction, and anyone that simply has trouble living in a traditional home environment.

Skaeve Huses or “special homes” in the Netherlands are mostly intended for transients. However, the village hopes to be a more permanent solution for those who need it.

All of the structures are made out of a corrugated steel facade with protruding window frames, but each has a unique color scheme. The interior layouts include an entrance hall, living room, kitchen, bathroom along with large windows that provide optimal natural light on the interior.

While halfway houses focus on recovery, designers at Studio Elmo Vemijs believe a home must also have a relaxing aesthetic. Each villa is designed to ensure privacy but avoid isolation. I’ve got to hand it to the Dutch. They sure know how to give back in more ways than one.

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