First Solar-Powered Train Launched In India

After its record-breaking tree-planting stint, it seems India is going full-steam ahead on the sustainability train. And I mean literally. India just launched a 12.5-mile routed solar-powered train that runs for up to 72 hours on a single charge.

The diesel-electric hybrid train has six coach cars with solar panels embedded in their roofs. Roughly 50 solar-harvesting coaches are set to be launched in the next several days, running primarily along commuter routes.

The new design is not only an attempt at convenience for commuters, it’s also aiming towards producing renewable energy.

The new trains are a part of Indian Railways’s plan to establish an energy-generation capacity of 1 gigawatt of solar and 130 megawatts of wind power in the next five years. The state-owned company has been using train-mounted solar panels since 2015 to power interior lights and air conditioning, but their newest train is the first in the world to use solar power.

India’s efforts towards becoming a more energy-conscious country are not going unnoticed. The U.K. also plans to start manufacturing solar-powered trains in the near future. Congratulations, India!

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