Danish School Is Covered With 12,000 Solar Panels

Solar energy has proved to be a clean contender in more ways than one. It has sustained trains and even entire villages. Now, it’s powering an international school in Denmark using over 12,000 solar panels.

C.F. Møller’s International School Nordhavn in Copenhagen uses solar panels to produce clean energy – and also as a part of the building’s aesthetic.

The panels cover over some 6,000 square meters of the school’s facade. They account for half of the school’s electricity needs.

The solar panels were developed by Swiss research institute EPFL (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne).

While the school’s exterior appears sea foam green, the panels are actually clear. A particle-generating technology is what gives an appearance of subtle color.

While the likes of MIT may be home to the budding engineers of the world, C.F. Møller is not so far behind with its technology.

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