Smart Contact Lenses Could Document Your Life

Just when we thought space teleportation was way beyond our reach, China figured it out. Now, long-awaited technologies are manifesting all over the world. This includes smart contact lenses that record everything you see.

The lenses would record images while they’re “worn on an eyeball.” The data is recorded on their own storage units.

“In a case where predetermined eyelid closure of an eyelid that is in contact with the lens unit is detected, the recording control unit records the captured image captured by the image pickup unit in the storage medium.”

If you’re a frequent concertgoer, leaving your camera behind could now be the least of your worries. However, while it may be a hassle-free perk for most, others see the device as a potential threat.

“While this really sounds futuristic, at the same time we believe that Sony’s contact lenses can cause a breach of an individual’s privacy. The person would never know that someone with such sophisticated tech can record his/her activities with just a blink of an eye.”

Luckily, Sony has time to mull over its decision, as the lenses are still on patent stage. Do you have an eye out for these smart contact lenses?

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