Smart Belt Helps Parkinson’s Patients Stay On Balance

Parkinson’s is truly a difficult and debilitating disease. There is no known cure, but researchers have made some promising attempts. The use of pig brain cells promotes nerve cell growth and repair. Now, a smart belt and simple phone app may address loss of balance.

The Smarter Balance System takes the form of a special belt that is lined with vibrating actuators. These actuators provide customized rehab programs that map users’ movements in real time using a series of dots which appear on their smartphone displays.

In essence, the wearable acts as a virtual physical therapist. Exercises aim to improve postural stability and patients’ general confidence in completing simple tasks. Overall, the device is a pretty neat assistant.

Data collected by the system is then uploaded to an online server so that it can be analyzed by doctors and physical therapists, who can then adjust the regimen as required.

We have yet to hear word on when the Smarter Balance System will be commercially available. Until then, things continue to look up for patients of all sorts, thanks to wearable technology.

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