Deposit These Reusable To-Go Cups For A Treat

If anything can get me through a stressful day, it’s coffee. Who needs an upper when you can chug an Americano? Still, masked by its drool-worthy kick, coffee to-go is perpetrating a massive pollution issue. To deal with mountains of plastic waste, edible coffee capsules are making an appearance. Further giving consumers an incentive is the Freiburg Cup, which buyers can take and return for a 1 euro incentive.

Participating stores have an identifying green sticker in the window. When you return the cup, these stores will disinfect and reuse the cups, which can be reused up to 400 times.

As a country that dispenses 300,000 coffee cups an hour, Germany makes a great candidate for the Freiburg. That amounts to a migraine-inducing 2.8 billion tossed cups a year. Though the Freiburg Cup is plastic, it’s significantly less problematic than paper cups.

It’s made from polypropylene and [does] not contain BPA or plasticizers. And according to the book Life Without Plastic, polypropylene is fairly heat resistant and considered “relatively safe.”

The Freiburg still has some tweaks to undergo, but it sure makes up for forgetting your coffee tumbler. And you even get your euro back!

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