Paper Flashlight Is Cheap And Futuristic

Some inventions, such as this makeshift space camera, are a testament to the ingenuity of the human mind. Others, like the Hyperface, are somewhat trivial but fascinating nonetheless. Is this paper flashlight just as clever? You decide.

Paper Torch is made from a sheet of heavy duty, water-resistant paper that’s typically used on election ballots. [Studio] Nendo then printed a circuit board using metallic ink from AgIC directly onto the paper and glued an LED bulb and two button-sized batteries to it. Electricity flows from the batteries to the bulb through the printed pattern.

If you still aren’t impressed, light intensity changes depending on how tightly you grip the device. Also, rolling either half of the paper inwards allows you to choose between two tints of light. Sweet! But is it more than a party trick?

Nendo sees potential applications for disaster relief and emergencies since the product is compact, does not require complex manufacturing, and is inexpensive to produce.

Aside from eliminating the use of plastic altogether, Paper Torch doesn’t use wire circuitry. With that being said, I’m pretty sure, if anything, we aren’t short on visionaries.

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