Mom’s Viral Post On Depression Breaks Stigma On Mental Health

I suffer from paranoid personality disorder and find that the worst piece of advice I’ve been offered was to, “Just be happy.” With frequent bouts of unrelenting mistrust and anxiety that are oftentimes sporadic and unexplained, “just be happy,” is not something I can do. My family, who are in-the-know, are generally supportive of the fact that I take medication–but often verbalize that I should no longer be on them, due to “how much I’ve improved.” Laura Mazza, the voice behind “Mum On The Run”, in a recent FaceBook post, reminded us that “it’s okay not to be okay.”

Mazza describes the multitude of reasons to take antidepressants. Depression and anxiety affect everyone differently; one person’s suffering may look completely different from another’s and no one should feel shame about it, yet shame is part of the stigma.

Mazza gets candid about antidepressants as form of treatment, and how beneficial they can be to those who need them.

Comparing the “invisibility” of mental illness to purely physical diseases and conditions may help everyone better understand that sometimes, medication is necessary for people to survive just like any other life-threatening condition.

In this day and age, asking for help seems a foreign language to us. But Mazza concludes her post by battling this notion of fear.

“You don’t have to be strong all the time. You don’t have to sweep it under the rug, and carry on smiling for everyone else. It’s not a problem to not be okay, it’s only a problem to pretend to be okay when we are not. So, you need to take antidepressants… and there ain’t nothing wrong with that.”

You never know what it takes to save a person.

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