Bill Gates Donates Giant Microsoft Stake To Charity

You can always count on Warren Buffett’s charity auctions to generate hefty donations for the homeless. He most recently raised $2.6 million for the Glide Foundation. Undefeated in the philanthropic race is Bill Gates, who just donated $4.6 billion of a Microsoft stake to charity.

The world’s richest man donated 64 million of the Redmond, Washington-based company’s shares.

The donation, Gates’ biggest in 17 years, represents 5 percent of the billionaire philanthropist’s fortune. It also reduces his stake in Microsoft, the company he co-founded, to 1.3 percent.

While the lucky donee remains unnamed, netizens suspect the shares went to Gates’ own foundation.

The charity, set up by Gates and his wife to enhance healthcare and reduce extreme poverty across the world, as well as improve educational opportunities and access to information technology in the U.S., has been the main beneficiary of prior donations from the business magnate.

Despite his extreme generosity, Gates is still the world’s richest man. He and wife Melinda aim to donate 95% of their wealth by the time of their passing. Now that’s something.

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