London Taxis Are Now Electric-Powered

Nowadays, electric vehicles are all the trend. In the past year, we’ve witnessed a change in buses and bicycles. Now, London taxis are following suit, running on gasoline and electric batteries.

The new cab runs on an electric battery for the first 70 miles of its journey before switching to a fuel reserve for the next 400. The London Taxi Company… plans to have as many as 150 cabs on the road by next year, with the first vehicles debuting in November.

London is requiring all new cabs to be emissions-free by 2018, and retiring old cabs by the age of 15. If my math isn’t as terrible as I think it is, London should be diesel-free by 2032.

In 2016, Transport for London launched its inaugural fleet of all-electric double-decker buses, vehicles the agency claimed were the first of their kind.

Looks like London is getting pretty ambitious with its sustainable goals!

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