Las Vegas Mourners Put Up Garden For Victims

At the center of the Vegas tragedy, loved ones and strangers are finding ways to ease the pain of mourners. This includes landscaper Jay Pleggenkuhle, owner of Stonerose Landscapes, who proved design can make an impact. To allow victims’ families to recover from the disaster, Pleggenkuhle, with the help of volunteers, put up a healing garden.

A local nursery donated 59 tupelo trees to line the stone pathway that would carve through the garden. Another nursery offered shrubs and smaller trees to create a patch of green unmatched in Las Vegas. Famed magicians Siegfried and Roy donated a thick oak tree to stand in the center, surrounded by a planter in the shape of a heart.

The garden’s construction brought together people of all strains. From fraternity brothers to Buddhist monks, the unity was quiet but joyful.

“One of the main intentions in doing this garden project wasn’t necessarily the end result, but just the process,” Pleggenkuhle said. “Bringing the community together to work together and to do something that would create joy and beauty instead of destruction.”

With Vegas famed as a concrete neon jungle, the healing garden will stand as a temporary escape.

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