Kenya Turning Human Waste Into Cooking Fuel

With the ability to generate enough power to charge an iPhone, it seems there is more to poop than just its stink. There is no denying its value as compost, but not all waste make the cut. Most are disposed of or simply remain untreated — but Kenya hopes to change that. The Nakuru Water and Sanitation Services is combatting cholera outbreaks by turning human waste into cooking fuel.

[The] processing plant takes in truckloads of sewage from septic systems and pit latrines, which is slowly sun-dried, then treated at a high temperature… in a kiln in a carbonizing process where sawdust is added to it. The resulting product is then pulverized in a hammer mill, after which it is mixed with a little molasses to act as a binder, rolled into balls, and dried.

In short? Say hello to a new kitchen hero — sewage-based charcoal balls. Sure, the idea of incorporating poop into anything food-related may not be so appetizing. If it eases your mind, the product is odorless and affordable for rural communities.

Nawasso can currently produce about two tons of the human waste briquettes per month, with the goal of ramping up to 10 tons per month by the end of the year.

Judging by its efficiency, poop briquettes could be useful even outside of Kenya. Anyone who thinks otherwise is just a party pooper.

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