Grow A Farm With This Home Gardening System

Backyard gardening is nothing new. It’s a traditional practice that allows for more accessible produce. However, it can be hassle-prone and demand a lot for what it yields. This home gardening system is making all the difference. Ogarden is a rotating indoor device that anyone can use to grow up to 100 herbs and vegetables a month.

Ogarden is a soundless, odorless growing system… designed for any home environment and it comes with its own storage space inside the unit, making it an attractive garden space with little-to-no clutter.

The system comes with a small bag of organic soil, and owners can choose from a catalogue of seedlings including lettuces, basil, brocolette, onions, cabbage, chives, etc.

Pretty simple, huh? To begin your gardening venture, simply plant the seeds in the soil and place them in the storage shelf. When they sprout, transfer them into the growing tubes. At this point, you’ve pretty much done your job. The device takes care of the rest, rotating around a central lamp.

The greenery should be watered once to twice a week and – voilà – a variety of organic, home-grown veggies right at your fingertips.

Now that’s gardening at its best.

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