Weightlifter Auctions Medal To Help Earthquake Victims

As a quick and entertaining form of fundraising, charity auctions have grown in popularity. Moguls like Warren Buffet have raised millions for homeless shelters, while even city locals have conducted raffles for disaster victims. Determined to support Iraqi and Iranian families displaced by the recent quake, Olympic weightlifter Kianoush Rostami is auctioning off his gold medal.

“I consider it my duty to take a step, however small, to help my beloved fellow countrymen who have suffered as a result of the quake,” Rostami said.
The 7.3-magnitude earthquake saw the death of at least 452 people, and left at least a thousand injured. Aftershocks rocked the shores of both Turkey and Pakistan. Along with other athletes and sports icons, Rostami feels it is his duty as an influencer to take action.
“I am returning the gold medal, which is theirs by right, to my people. I will auction off the medal and use the proceeds to help the quake victims.”
Gold medal or not, Rostami is a champion for Iraqis and Iranians alike.
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