Grow 5 Acres Of Produce In Just 40 Feet

The world of farming has seen a fair share of drawbacks. Pests, droughts, and floods have all, at some point, plagued a land-full of crops. Of course, farming isn’t necessarily easy–but it can be. Local Roots’ container farms can grow up to 5 acres of produce using only 5 to 20 gallons of water daily. And they’re only 40 feet long.

Local Roots’… TerraFarms grow produce twice as fast as a traditional farm, all while using 97 percent less water and zero pesticides or herbicides. They can grow as much food as could be grown on three to five acres. They’re able to do this thanks to LED lights tuned to specific wavelengths and intensities, and sensor systems monitoring water, nutrient, and atmospheric conditions.

Not only that–you can set up and harvest crops in just a nifty 4 weeks! TerraFarms are like Legos in that they are stackable and space-efficient. They can also exist pretty much anywhere, whether in a parking lot or warehouse.

Local Roots’ technology could one day allow astronauts to consume fresh produce in space. Their growing systems could offer a food source on long-term, deep space missions.

That’s pretty spectacular. Or should I say intergalactic?

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