Millionaire Rescues Foster Children After Irma

For millionaires who give back, writing big checks is the most sensible option. Just last month, Microsoft CEO Bill Gates donated $4.6 billion to charity. But for foster children displaced by Hurricane Irma, millionaire Marc Bell is doing something different. The former executive of Penthouse magazine opened his Florida mansion to 70 kids.

“There was an abundance of love. All these kids were getting one-on-one attention, which they never get. All the little kids were being held by someone and the older kids were getting one-on-one conversation,” [said Bell]

By the numbers, the Bell family ordered 20 pizzas, did 36 loads of laundry, and served 800 meals in 72 hours. To entertain the presumably nervous children, the Bells also hired balloon artists and ice cream trucks.

“It was a magical experience and I managed to talk to all the kids and get to know them,”

“We always help people. We never say ‘no,’… That’s just who we are.”

When the children returned to the SOS Children’s Villages shelter, Bell took the time to visit them. Bell has since proved to be not only a philanthropist, but an active figure in the lives of children in need.

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