Startup Turns Trash Into Fancy Sustainable Furniture

Since growing your own furniture became a reality, other eco-friendly furniture options have been coming to light. Startup Pentatonic is turning the contents of your daily trash bin into fancy sustainable furniture.

“Subject to what product, finish or performance we are looking for, we select trash based upon its properties and application possibilities, and then apply this technology using a number of precision manufacturing processes,”

Assembly of the pieces do not require tools — a valiant effort to eliminate toxic glues. The company is also introducing a unique “circular economy” system for customers.

“Our circular model, whereby we buy back our products from our consumers to recycle them into new products – that’s new in a design space.”

Pentatonic has put forward an incredibly smart initiative, winning over the hearts of environmentalists. The company has since raised £4.3 million in funding for its launch. Are you purchasing a trash couch? I’m certainly thinking about it.

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