Energy-Producing Patch Uses Sweat To Create Power

It seems wearable technology is the new craze for gadget enthusiasts. From fitness trackers sewn into fabric to temporary e-skin sensors that monitor your health, anything nowadays seems possible. Lately, innovators have created an energy-producing patch that powers electronics using sweat.

[The] flexible square patch… can be applied to the skin, where enzymes in the device could feed on human sweat to produce power.

Although it measured just a few centimeters in size, a single square, or biofuel cell, was able to generate enough power to run a radio for an entire two days.

Looks like power cuts could be the least of our worries — and I’m not complaining. Later versions of the patch create up to ten times more energy. Biofuel cells are almost limitless. They allow us to monitor health and exchange information, all while being non-invasive.

Eventually, they’ll become less expensive, making them a great alternative to devices like conventional blood glucose monitors that require patients to prick their fingers multiple times per day, or permanent surgical implants like pacemakers.

Wearables have, in the past year, proven to be effective and affordable. If less pain means gain, I’m all for it.

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