Electricity-Free Plastic Bottles Powered By Bleach

The Philippines is one of Asia’s most impoverished countries. However, it is also home to a very resourceful population. Around 12% of Filipinos have no access to electricity, making it difficult to work and study. Liter of Light has since provided nearly a million households with electricity-free plastic bottles that act as lamps.

The bleach-filled bottles… refract the light from outdoors into the house, lighting up much like a lightbulb.

In addition to using the bleach bottle lamps and the nighttime solar bulbs, the group also converts kerosene lamps into solar lamps.

To make the bleach bottle lights, people simply have to mix 3 milliliters of bleach into a liter of water. The concoction lasts for around five years, at which point one can simply switch out the water.

The low-budget project has proved to be simple but highly effective. Making them has also become a source of income for those without regular jobs. All the materials are sourced locally.

Making the plastic bottle lamps is “something everybody can do,” “You have to understand the genius of the poor: People have spun off our ideas into their own backyard solar business. That’s what we want. A nation of backyard solar entrepreneurs, instead of them relying on our foundation.”

As one of the five countries that contribute to half the world’s plastic waste, the Philippines should be commended for taking initiative.

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